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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Soccer and Personal Finance

Soccer, personal finance and creativity - what's not to like? Rupee Manager shows how the different parts of a soccer team relate to the different parts of a financial game plan.

In my opinion, it is a terrific way to turn on the light bulb for many people who focus on only one part of their finances and think they have all the bases covered - like the soccer team with excellent strikers but glaring weaknesses elsewhere.

My posts from the last 2 days are related, especially the bottom line showing the impact of increasing your saving rate, working slightly longer, and getting a bit higher return on your investments. Many times, it's not about just doing one thing well but doing several things in small increments.

I believe Rupee Manager's succinct post is worth sharing in the classroom with young people learning the basics of financial literacy. What do you think?


  1. Good post by Rupee Manager. Helps people visualize asset allocation and the different roles on money management.

  2. I agree. One of the difficulties people have is they get wrapped up in the minutia of finance (of which there is a lot) and miss the big picture. Rupee Manager does an excellent job of providing perspective.