Investment Help

If you are seeking investment help, look at the video here on my services. If you are seeking a different approach to managing your assets, you have landed at the right spot. I am a fee-only advisor registered in the State of Maryland, charge less than half the going rate for investment management, and seek to teach individuals how to manage their own assets using low-cost indexed exchange traded funds. Please call or email me if interested in further details. My website is at If you are new to investing, take a look at the "DIY Investor Newbie" posts here by typing "newbie" in the search box above to the left. These take you through the basics of what you need to know in getting started on doing your own investing.

My Services



  •       Investment management using low-cost, well-diversified exchange traded funds at 0.4% annually of market value of assets. Example: to manage $500,000, the cost would be $500 for a 3 month period.
  •       Investment management using low-cost, well-diversified exchange traded funds with objective of teaching clients how to manage their own assets.  0.4% annually of market value of assets.
  •       Session consulting at $160/hour. A typical session lasts an hour and 20 minutes. A single session is typically sufficient for those seeking a second opinion on their investment process.

      I am a fee-only registered investment advisor.  Unlike a broker, I am a fiduciary for the accounts I manage. I prefer Charles Schwab as custodian for accounts I manage.

             I am registered with the state of Maryland and also have clients in several states as well as globally.

             If  you believe my services might be of use to you, give me a call (443-896-4123) and let’s have a no-obligation chat.  I will ask you a few questions and give you an overview of my investment philosophy.  Our few minutes together could be well worth your time.

             I am willing to meet at your home in the evening or on weekends at your convenience but also offer  consultation by phone and by Skype . 

             As a fee-only, registered investment advisor, I sell no products.  I receive no commissions.   My only compensation is what I receive from my clients for management and advisory services.