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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DIY Newbie-Portfolio analytics

For the DIY Newbie, this is a look at portfolio analytics. This may be a little bit scary for you, but it has a huge payout. For some, it can make the difference of a few years extra retirement when they realize the cost savings from utilizing that tools are available to help them.

Number 1 huge tip: futz around the online portfolio tools that are probably available with your 401k. The more you play around with them, the better off you will be when you roll over your 401k and manage it yourself. Think of it as your part-time job that you work at 2 hours a week. Believe me, the payoff is huge compared to paying a professional to manage your money. to analytics land. I'll use Schwab (Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Schwab) for my explanation, but all the big brokers have similar analytics . If you have a rep at your work, sit down with him or her and go through this.

When you log on to Schwab, you come to a page with the following:

( click to enlarge) Click "portfolio analysis". This brings you to:

Click on "Portfolio Reports" and come to:

Click "View All"

Finally you come to:

( Click to enlarge) This is what you are after. These are the models from which you need to select that model that best reflects your risk tolerance, and then you can track your investments relative to the model, rebalance, etc.

Tomorrow we will look at an actual account.

Homework: Try the same with whatever broker you are using.


  1. I agree! Good simple advice. Often, portfolio analysis can seem like a complicated idea and any normal person will think that he has no chance of understanding how it all works. With simple and effective information, we will all be able to look after our own money!