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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Please Victoria Grant - Come to America

Twelve-year-old Victoria Grant explains the problem with the Canadian Banking System.  She needs to come to the U.S. to talk to Congress.  Bernanke's policy of controlling the price of money is causing huge distortions that will affect the U.S. long after he is gone.  Managing the nation's monetary policy to appease Wall Street is destroying the economy.  A 12-year-old gets it - why can't the Fed Chairman?


  1. I saw part of this a while ago; pretty impressive for such a young kid. She has a good future as a debate speaker.

  2. Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield and John F. Kennedy were murdered to keep the world from hearing the TRUTH this little girl just told you. Amsterdam bankers told London bankers how to do it in the 1660's. Babylon's Hammerabi had the solution to this, 12 twelve centuries later Nebuchadnezzar conned the world with its lack of knowledge. Cyrus the Median, in Persia, took down Babylon to protect the world from this knowledge of money manipulation skills. The British empire & the House of Lords are War mongers.