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Thursday, May 19, 2011

President Obama's Asset Allocation

According to recently released financial disclosure forms, the Obamas have the bulk of their investable assets invested in Treasury bills and notes. On the basis of the broad ranges reported on the disclosure forms, only approximately 10% is invested in equities via an S&P 500 index fund.

Given his age (49 years old) , employment status, and income, the President is obviously well positioned to take on risk. In financial planner speak he  has considerable capacity to take on risk in expectation of higher returns.

Furthermore, his career choice indicates  a high tolerance for risk.

At the very least he would be well advised to think about investing in a total stock market index fund, an all world ex U.S. fund and more aggressive fixed income funds. Probably at least 60% of total assets should be directed to stocks.

On a positive note,  fund expenses are minimized and he and the First Lady have made sure that the kids' education is well funded.


  1. Fascinating indeed! Wonder if he is a DIY investor or if he has an advisor!

  2. re: I was wondering exactly the same thing. Maybe his advisor got him out in 2008 and he never got back in!:)