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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BlackRock 2010 Periodic Table of Returns

Source: Cedar Advisors/BlackRock
The 2010 BlackRock Table of Returns through the end of 2010 covers 9 asset classes/indices on an annual basis from 1991 through the end of 2010. It covers the S&P 500, growth stocks, value stocks, foreign stocks, and bonds. For the first time, it puts in a commodity index and includes the 3-month Treasury bill.

For each year, the categories are ranked with the top-performing sector at the top and the remaining sectors in descending order, all on a color-coded basis.

As in the past, a diversified portfolio--basically 65% stocks/35% fixed income--is also shown. It is notable that the diversified portfolio is never among the poorest 3 performers and only in the top 3 once. Thus, it illustrates the dampening quality of diversification. Over the 20-year period, the diversified portfolio achieved an average annualized return of 8.89%/year (4th place on the list), slightly below the S&P 500 annualized return of 9.14%.

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  1. Very nice! I should stick it up in my wall to prevent stock picking temptations!!