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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where is Silver Headed?

DIY investor is a low-cost ETF investor who believes that people should invest at least 80% of their investable assets in well-diversified, broad market, low-cost funds. Many investors, however, are understandably caught up in precious metals fever, given that gold has skyrocketed and silver has moved considerably higher. DIY Investor looks at precious metals as a speculation but does, however,  buy  SLV, the silver ETF, and GLD, the gold ETF, for clients at their direction, on occasion.

Why are people excited by Silver? What is the bullish case? Here is Eric Sprott,  well-known bull on precious metals, giving a recent talk that DIY Investor came across on the Biz of Life site:


Disclosure: This post is for educational purposes only and is not a recommendation. Individuals should do their own research and/or consult professionals before investing.


  1. What happened to JP Morgan shorting silver?

  2. I would guess JP Morgan lost a bundle on that trade. I'd like to pick up some more SLV as a hedge against a declining dollar, but not at these prices.

  3. The silver liquidation approach is possibly one way in which people intending to invest in this treasured metal can make significant choices in the direction of sale of assets or not. Since there are a lot of methods of offering your silver backed assets, the market and possibilities seem to blindly provoke people to making individuals hasty decisions. To avoid this, you can ask a broker or visit online resources about this.

  4. Gold does not always react in the fashion we may want, like or perceive,