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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Suze Orman Talk to Google Employees

The Google Author series is, IMHO, one of the best on the web. I found this Suze Orman talk to Google employees at The Biz of Life blog.

The information Suze Orman so eloquently presents (and with flair to boot) in this talk is extremely valuable. I recommend that it be passed along to young people getting started in the work world. Learning about FICO scores and Roth IRAs, etc., early on can make a big difference.


  1. You know I used to read a lot of negative things about Suze but happened to watch her talk in PBS, and I was blown away! I wish more people would watch her show!

  2. @moneycone I liked her PBS special although I really don't like her show. The questioners are so damn stupid its depressing. I have to say I am amazed at Orman's ability to answer questions and stay on topic so seamlessly. I happen to believe her message is helping a lot of people although some hold it against her that she didn't foresee the 2008 debacle - they expect advisors to be forecasters!

  3. Is Suze really saying anything that hasn't been said before? I'm not knocking what she does or says, rather, wondering if what she is touting is really news or new?

    For the record Robert, I find blogs like yours just as informative :)

  4. @My Own Advisor I appreciate the comment. I think Suze's audience and mine are different. She seems to cater to the crowd who has a major problem controlling credit and debt in general. Since I've never been hugely in debt I've never had that problem. Even when I was starting out on a pittance I and my wife always lived within our means. In fact, it was many years before we ever had a credit card.
    I feel my audience, and definitely my clientele, are people who are smart and working hard and just don't know that there is a way to invest without getting ripped off by the broker/dealer community. I spent years before I understood how clueless people are in the investment world and how they are so easily taken advantage of.

  5. I haven't watched Suze Orman's show yet, so I do not know why some don't like her! I thought her advice was sensible in the PBS show.

    Was any of her advice over the top prior to 2008? Sorry, not been following Suze!

  6. Thanks for the reference. I'm not a big Suze fan, but she gives some good advice in this video.

  7. She seemed a little cocky in that video but it had the proper effect on the audience, it seems. I agree with My Own Advisor but it doesn't hurt to drill the message in again and again; history often repeats itself.