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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reverse Mortgage Foreclosures

Not that long ago (it seems like yesterday), I looked at reverse mortgages as a potential solution to the baby boomers' need for retirement savings issue. That was before CountryWide imploded and the housing market went into a meltdown downward spiral. Instead of being a solution, reverse mortgages have put some widows and widowers in a precarious situation.

It turns out that some reverse mortgage seniors are being foreclosed on at the death of the one spouse who signed the document, if they can't pay off the loan.  Ron Lieber, of the New York Times, reports on this unfortunate state of affairs in "A Red Flag on Reverse Mortgages."  In the article, Ron provides an excellent overview of how reverse mortgages work and what they are intended for. It seems that in the effort of many people, including HUD, to caution seniors ( you have to be at least 62 years old to get a reverse mortgage ) to pay attention to costs and the sleazy activity of annuity salesmen, the impact of one spouse signing and then dying wasn't fully appreciated. It's reached the point where AARP is suing HUD.

In the immortal words of Gilda Radner : "It's always something."

Addendum: If you can only read one financial columnist, Ron Lieber  is an excellent choice. I'm a fan.


  1. The only thing most seniors know about a reverse mortgage is the magic illusion they hear in television commercials. Before anyone gets a reverse mortgage they must know the consequences for their personal circumstances, financial situation, long term need, and health. No one is helping the senior understand what those consequences will be which is why so many are in default. The way this industry does business has to change because unless the borrowers best interest is the only reason to sell a reverse mortgage seniors will continue to lose their property, equity, quality of life and could be left homeless. Sandy Jolley

  2. re: Sandy Jolley Thanks for stopping by and providing a real life perspective. Readers can view her story at
    Another instance of the greediness of the financial services industry and the need for transparency.

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