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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is This a Bubble, or What?

Page 14, Journal of Financial Planning, January issue:

People are coming in to buy 50 or 100 coins at a time, which is pretty hefty for individuals, It is just not rich people , either. A lot of people are putting 30 to 35 percent of their net worth in gold, they are scared to put money in paper assets.

       Mark Oliari, chief executive of CNT Inc., a Massachusetts coin broker, New York Times


  1. They now have gold vending machines to satisfy your craving! First one opened in Town Center in Boca Raton in Florida!

  2. re: MoneyCone Wow! Did not know that!

  3. Yep, Gold ATMs are in the US and Dubai, and coming to more cities. Time to short gold?

  4. them gold bugs would disagree. I am not one and I don't plan to hold any gold for 2011. Nothing against gold really, I prefer to invest in something more "usefull"...