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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Howard County's 2nd Annual "Passport to Financial Literacy"

This Saturday at Howard Community College "makingCHANGE," a local non-profit financial education organization, is presenting a free financial literacy event. RW Investment Strategies is a sponsor, and I will be manning one of the 20 stations that young people will stop at. Each station is a financial decision point. What kind of occupation will you pursue? How much will it pay? How will you afford transportation? How much do different kinds of cars cost? How do you finance? How much does a college education cost? How much does a house cost? What is a mortgage and what does the monthly payment amount to? As the children go through the stations, they have a passport that will be stamped. One lucky child will win a laptop!

Imagine the pain the country could have avoided if everybody had examined the last question several years ago!

There is a lot of talk about increasing financial literacy. This is an event that actually does something about it. I hope to see you there!


  1. I'll let you know after the event. :)

  2. ahhh, whoops, I read the date wrong... (delete comment)

  3. The turnout was awesome, attendees learned a lot and everyone had a great time. It will just grow from here, I'm sure.