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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Google Insight - A Useful Tool For the Do-It-Yourself Investor

What's on Mr. Market's mind? Everyday talking heads and pundits of all kinds expound on what's moving the market. They inevitably have numerous reasons after the fact on why the market did what it did that particular day. And they are always perfectly logical except, of course, when they say there were more buyers than sellers, or vice versa.

Instead of listening to the pundits expound, another way to assess what is pushing around prices is to see what people are searching online. This is where Google Insight can give some, well, insight. Begin by going to Google Insight and type in a phrase that you think investors will be searching, such as "Bush tax cuts". This is what you get:

Note the recent spike on the right hand side of the graph. Obviously investors are vitally interested in learning about the tax cuts and various views on whether they will be extended.

By typing in "financial regulation bill," "Greece default," and "double dip recession," you can see by using Google Insight other issues of interest to market participants and observers.

Google Insight is another useful tool for the do-it-yourself investor.


  1. Interesting tool; I can also see how this could be helpful when thinking of new topics to write about. :) Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Hi Kevin;
    I agree it is interesting. It just always amazes me about the information that is available these days and especially Google's role. It would be interesting to have 3 people or so brainstorm to come up with the issues most concerning investors.

  3. This is a very interesting tool. I do think that it will be a useful to see what the market has done during these world events. It provides a valuable perspective.