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Friday, July 16, 2010

Multi-tasking In the Investment World - A Resource

Do you find yourself switching around on-line, doing your usual stuff during the day, like looking for a better job on Craig's list and trying to follow investment markets? Can you not get enough of market news? Do you need a way to follow events when big stories break? Here is a resource you may not be aware of: .

At the top of the page, click on "TV." This will take you to Bloomberg's live TV. They cover market moving economic data as it it is released, important earnings releases, and the important market stories of the day. Reduce the volume, hit the minimize button, and you can keep one ear on the market news while you check to see if there are any bids on the old catcher's mitt you're trying to sell. During periods where there is just music, the TV is showing market averages, top performing companies etc.

-On the Bloomberg home page, click on "Radio."
-For both "TV" and "Radio," check the schedule. Note, for example, that the radio schedule includes some non-market programming like the Charlie Rose show, for example.

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