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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Constructing a Diversified Portfolio or How DIYers Can Save $1,000s

In this earlier post we examined performance for various parts of the market over the past 20 years along with the performance of a diversified portfolio. This video shows how a do-it-yourselfer might use exchange traded funds (iShares used in the example) to construct a portfolio along the lines of the diversified portfolio. It shows that in the end the cost is a lot less than the cost charged by professional managers. If you are satisfied that your manager is doing a good job then by all means stick with them. On the other hand if you are thinking of managing your own assets this video will hopefully be instructive. Information on the exchange traded funds mentioned can be found at iShares . Their yields can be found at Morningstar .

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  1. Great post. More practical how-to posts like this one are needed in the financial blogsphere.