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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Some ETF Returns

Year-to-date returns, selected ETFs, and markets they track, thru 3/31/2010 taken from Bloomberg

BND +1.39% Total Bond Market
SPY + 5.42% S&P 500
AGG +1.61% Total Bond Market
LQD +1.27% Investment Grade Corporate Bond Market
JNK +4.33% Junk Bond Market


  1. It's been a pretty good first quarter, all in all. VTI 6.13%, VEU 1.9%

  2. I run into many investors - do-it-yourselfers as well as those who have advisors manage their money and surprisingly, to me at least, many have no idea what their performance is. One of the good things about holistically structuring one's investments with ETFs is that it is fairly easy to calculate returns on timely basis - unless there are big cash flows which requires a bit more work.
    I agree-good quarter.