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Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Making Change" is Making Change in Howard County

The numbers are in from last Saturday's "Passport to  Financial Literacy" event at Howard Community College presented by "Making Change" and Marlena Jareaux. Michelle Glassburn, president of Making Change, gives these details on the numbers:

Nearly 500-people who came to experience the event. There were moms, dads, grandpas, little sisters, and interested folks from all around the community. Some were moms with kids, who couldn't attend, but came to get the information to share back home. There were dads who brought one child and went home to get the other (more reluctant) one to be sure they took part too. It was a large crowd - but full of great families with wonderful stories!
210-teens who completed the interactive financial simulation. These kids ranged from 9 to 19. Some came in excited to learn. Others really would have preferred to stay in bed on a rainy Saturday morning. By the end of the experience though, most agreed that they learned something valuable - and had a little fun too.
55 - community members on site who helped us make the event a success.  We had financial professionals, career experts, educators, real estate professionals and volunteers from teen organizations. We had six high school teachers and eight student volunteers.  It was a wonderful mix of people that worked tirelessly, patiently, and enthusiastically to help the kids along.
15 - sponsors whose financial support made the event possible.  From small local businesses to concerned citizens to large financial institutions - the support for this event (and the financial cause in general) clearly strikes a chord with many.
1 - day we spent working hard, having fun, and doing some good for a lot of kids!

"Making Change" is definitely making change in Howard County.

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  1. The person who is telling you how to manage your finances has filed for bankruptcy twice. Maybe they should take the course. Basically a fraud.