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Saturday, November 12, 2016

What's Next?

Ok, so you've listened to Bogle and Buffett, you've read Bernstein and Malkiel. Now you want to get started investing in low cost index Funds. You've got numerous accounts: 401(k)s, IRAs, taxable accounts etc. You've got capital gains to think about and a host of questions on how to get going.

My suggestion is to find a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) you can work with. This is code for "who is an adherent of the low cost index Fund approach".  If you (1) have made trades and know what ticker symbols are etc., (2) can withstand volatility in your portfolio and (3) are willing to spend some time continuing to be educated on the investment process as it relates to creating a retirement
"nest egg", then you are likely a good candidate for hourly consultation or having the RIA invest for a short-term period to set the account up and then doing your own investing. From the start you save advisory fees of 1% to 2% as well as avoid high cost Funds that tend to underperform the market.

In my practice I do a session for $160. During the session we typically Skype and look at the investments, talk about goals, talk about how big the nest egg should be saved at various ages, how much should be saved, risk tolerance and Funds to be invested in. Sometimes we go over the process of rolling over 401(k)s, withdrawal strategies etc.

Many times this is enough to get the do-it-yourself investor headed in the right direction. Other times I manage assets for a short term period at a low rate of 0.4% per year. If for instance the account is $600,000, I charge $600 for the first 3 months. If at that point the client is ready to take over then that's it - no further charge. Typically, the client will schedule a session for $160 approximately 12 months later.

Some clients of course have me manage their assets on an ongoing basis. They have other things in their daily work life or even in retirement they would rather do than to be managing their assets.

Why an RIA? Good question. Because RIAs are fiduciaries and as such are required to tell you if they have conflicts of interest in regards to compensation. That is, do they get commissions from referring you to people or selling products? Many are like me and the only compensation they receive is what their clients pay them. This is the primary factor in determining that RIAs do what is in the clients' best interests!

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