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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Market Reaction to Trump

This from Yahoo Finance, "How Wall Street is trying to make sense of the stunning stock market rally" 

Stock prices crashed as it became clear that Donald Trump would be elected the next President of the United States. And then they did a complete reversal to actually rally during the first trading day after the votes were counted.Just when you thought the stock market was starting to make sense, it goes ahead and does the exact opposite.The markets were supposed to get crushedAhead of Election Day, Wall Street’s stock market experts were in broad agreement that a surprise victory by Republican candidate Donald Trump would be met by a sharp sell-off, ranging somewhere between -3% to -15%. Yahoo Finance reported on this multiple times.

This is another example of the futility of trying to time the market. There also is some "recency bias" apparently going on. This is where investors give weight to what has happened in similar situations in the recent past. On this front not long ago investors saw the head fake from the Brexit situation whereby stocks dropped and then reversed sharply. 
Market time at your own risk.

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