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Saturday, September 10, 2011


9/11 is the saddest day in our history.  It is very well presented in numerous documentaries.  One of the best is "On Native Soil" which clearly shows the failure of our government.  It answers the question of how this could have happened - at least for me.

Unfortunately many citizens who lost loved ones in New York, Washington D.C., or Pennsylvania  had to struggle with spineless government officials who didn't do their jobs ( all the way up to presidents of both parties) to get meaningful reforms. Sadly the same government officials never apologized for their ineptness - except, of course, for one--Richard A. Clarke.

At the end of "On Native Soil," a plea is made to overcome complacency in America.  After all, the families of 9/11 victims gave up much of their lives to  push the 9/11 Commission to make meaningful reforms and they, in fact, are asking it of us.

I know it is a completely different area, but politicians and many others haven't done their job in the economic arena; and it is wrecking lives.  Posturing and vote-getting continue to be put ahead of doing the right thing for the American people.  And it is reaching dangerous levels.

Unfortunately, those responsible for the housing crisis have never accepted responsibility; and many are still in power.

From 9/11, we have learned what happens when people are complacent.  If you are bothered by the bickering going on in D.C., email your Congressman and let him or her know.  If you are bothered by bankers receiving million dollar bonuses after a taxpayer funded bailout, let your Congressman know.  If you are bothered by zero responsibility taken by those manipulating our economy, let your Congressman know.

One thing 9/11 clearly proves is that those in charge are completely inept at carrying out their responsibilities.


  1. From 9/11, I learned that US foreign policy should avoid causing so much collateral damage in the world by supporting dictatorship regimes, fermenting wars and planting anti-US sentiment thanks to these policies.

    Those who died in 9/11 died because of their government's failure to live by what they preach.