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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kernan and Santelli on CNBC

Joe Kernan on CNBC just listed a number of bad Presidents in reaction to a statement that Obama is the worst president of all time. Is Obama the worst President of all time?

Conspicuous by its absence from the list was a recent President who came into office with a budget surplus at a time when the Chairman of the Fed worried that the national debt might be eliminated! The idea of a lockbox for the Social Security surplus was scoffed at. A massive tax cut was passed that was predicted to result in a balanced budget down the road, and a war was started with a nation on false pretenses not to mention a highly dubious election win. This President signed every spending bill that came across his desk. Help me out here...should this President be on the list? Have the pundits gotten Alzheimers all of a sudden?

Rick Santelli from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange had a great line this morning. He cited FDR as saying that "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself " and quipped that, apparently, he wasn't looking at Congress. Maybe the teapartyers are to be feared as well?

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  1. W was certainly bad for starting an unnecessary war, committing us to nationbuilding, and having absolutely no fiscal discipline. But when it comes to spending, Obama is like W times 2. It's way too early to put either of them on the top 10 worst list, but they are strong contenders. The US has had a run of bad luck to get two dolts back to back in the White House IMHO.