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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Technology Helps Kids Save

You and I learned to save with a "piggy bank." That's old school. Technology is on the scene. If it helps kids learn the value of deferring gratification, I say let's raise our glasses and give a toast. Notice the new look compartmentalized piggy bank:


  1. Very nice find Robert! I like how at the end he says he has the money for the iPad but he'd rather save than spend.

    If this can make a kid say that, the service is definitely worth it!

  2. Haha, I agree with MoneyCone! I always visualized one day teaching my (hypothetical future) kids to save ... but in my old-fashioned head, I imagined drawing a chart with a bar-graph that's taped to the wall. Watching this video made me realize, "Oh yeah, duh, kids will relate better to a computer program that tracks it." Plus the images and graphics will be much cooler than any wall-mounted chart I could draw.

  3. re: MoneyCone I agree...anything that can get kids to see the value of saving is valuable.
    re: Paula The video will also get kids ready to use online money management systems like The wall mounted chart though is not such a bad idea.