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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Interview Worth Reading-Susan Brunner

"Dividend Ninja" has an excellent 2-part interview with Canadian investor Susan Brunner, a lady with over 40 years investing experience. Ms. Brunner has structured her portfolio so that she is able to live off the interest and dividends it generates.

Although she takes a different approach than is recommended by DIY Investor, I believe her experiences and insights are valuable for DIYers.

Ms. Brunner's approach goes into the "more than one way to skin a cat" file. She obviously enjoys the challenge of finding and researching individual stocks that conform to her investment style and is not so enamored of exchange traded funds.

Also, make special note that she has developed a means of dealing with down markets - something all DIYers need to learn.


  1. Hello Robert,

    Thank you for the mention, and sharing Susan's interview with your readers :) 40 years investing experience is indeed something we can all learn from.

    The Dividend Ninja

  2. Thanks for the mention. However, my name is Susan Brunner.

  3. I think I got it right now ...thanks for letting me know and for the investment insights!