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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Need An Intermediate Bond ETF?

An exceptional resource for DIY investors seeking to do exchange traded fund analysis is at ETF Data Base (ETFdb). This is the list of intermediate bond portfolios from their site.


This list was actually obtained by using the ETFdb screener tool. Using the various links and puttering around a bit, you will find it easy to compare fees, examine comparative performance, and see fund holdings. Furthermore, links take you back to the issuer's website.

As always, the DIY investor should take into account location of investments and tax consequences if it is a taxable account. Typically, an intermediate bond fund is most appropriate in a qualified account like a 401k, IRA, 403(b) etc. where Uncle Sam isn't grabbing a big chunk of the interest earnings - at least until it is drawn out in retirement.

Disclosure: this post is purely for informational purposes. I own some of the ETFs listed.

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