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If you are seeking investment help, look at the video here on my services. If you are seeking a different approach to managing your assets, you have landed at the right spot. I am a fee-only advisor registered in the State of Maryland, charge less than half the going rate for investment management, and seek to teach individuals how to manage their own assets using low-cost indexed exchange traded funds. Please call or email me if interested in further details. My website is at If you are new to investing, take a look at the "DIY Investor Newbie" posts here by typing "newbie" in the search box above to the left. These take you through the basics of what you need to know in getting started on doing your own investing.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thank You Andrew Hallam

It's always nice to get a favorable mention regarding my investment process but especially when it comes from a very knowledgeable investor. A casual perusal of Andrew Hallam's site shows you his considerable investment expertise.

My approach for the DIY Investor is based on the ideas of such investors as Bogle, Buffett, Ellis, and Malkiel as well as many others who have studied investment markets. It focuses on low cost, low turnover, indexed funds. My contribution is to work with you so that you can take over your own investing and avoid high (excessive, in my view) investment advisor fees. I do this by explaining the investment process, rebalancing etc., as I manage your funds for approximately 1 year at less than half the usual fee. Over the years, this will make a substantive contribution to the "nest egg" you will rely on in retirement.

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