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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Resource for the Mutual Fund/ETF DIY Investor

CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE This is a useful resource for the mutual fund/ETF investor. It allows you to get approximate, up-to-date, performance based on net asset value. I'll first describe how to get to the site and how to use it and then a simple fun application.

Go to
and click the "MARKET DATA" tab. Next, scroll down to find the image shown above. In the "Enter Symbol" box, put in a mutual fund ticker symbol - for example put in IWV (the iShares Russell 3000 Index ETF). Next, in the drop down box for "Rank Funds by Sector," scroll to and click "All Funds." You'll see there are 27,623 funds in the data base! Divide by 4 to determine there are 6,905 funds in each quartile. In the little "skip to #" box, put in 6,905 and you'll see the approximate performance, on a net asset value basis, of the top 25% of the funds in the data base. Similarly, if you put in 13,811, you'll find the median return.

An Application

Now go back and find the YTD return for IWV and AGG (total bond ETF), and weight those by 70% and 30%, respectively. The result will give you a very simple return approximation for a very popular asset allocation.

Today's calculation (takes longer to explain than to do!) showed the weighted allocation at -1.73% YTD, the 1st quartile cutoff at 1.244% and the median return at -3.662%

Caveat: there may be an inclination to use this site to pursue top-performing funds. Resist; it could be hazardous to your wealth. Instead, stick with a well thought-out investment strategy based on an appropriate asset allocation.

The usual disclaimers apply. The information here is intended for educational purposes. Information at the Bloomberg site is judged to be reliable but cannot be guaranteed as to accuracy.

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