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Friday, March 12, 2010

Interesting graphic

Check out this graphic from Bloomberg where they look at money management fees and CEO compensation. It is confined to explicit fees and doesn't address the other costs that arise from active trading and bid-ask spreads etc.

Their wording in the first paragraph is interesting: ". . .with one money manager subcontracting to another . . . ." Something to keep in mind when the advisor puffs up and proclaims that he or she is a fiduciary and the Investment Agreement is non-assignable.


  1. The Fund of Funds always got my goat.... fees layered on top of fees layered on top of fees. What kind of sucker would fall for such a gimmick?

  2. Actually, there are a lot of suckers. Some people buy mutual funds and believe there is no cost. It is impossible to convince them that nobody works for free on Wall Street.