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Monday, March 22, 2010

RW Investment Strategies-Services


  1. The fees seem pretty reasonable compared to many of the nationally know advisors who charge upwards of 2% to invest their client's money in index funds.

  2. I believe that people should be willing to pay more for good financial planning and tax work and less for investment management. In fact, I've seen good financial planning save people more than the cost of the plan.
    As far as I can tell,however, there is no evidence that advisors do a good job managing money. We know individuals do horribly. Dalbar reports this every year. We know the pros - the mutual funds etc. - do as well as the market but there fees push the net returns below market. Academia has studied this into the ground.
    But what about the advisor who claims they can market time or pick stocks? They charge heavily but as far as I know there is no set of audited returns showing they do better than an indexed approach. Advisors, I believe, are like Pac Man eating away at nest eggs.