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Friday, May 24, 2019

A Lady With Problems?

Sometimes facts aren't easy to grasp:

  • Gloria C. Mackenzie formerly of Maine now of Jacksonsonville Florida
  • 84 years old in mid 2013
  • mid 2013 wins $278 million after taxes lottery
So, you're thinking "great" she rides off into the sunset and enjoys the latter years of her life? Not so fast. Fast forward to today.

Her son, who has a power of attorney, hired an "advisor"/radio personality who apparently put her into cash equivalents and charged her $2.0 million/year. Her son is trying to get half of her winnings saying he helped in some round about way to pay for the ticket.

By the way, she won because a couple allowed her to move ahead of them in line when the ticket was purchased.

Anyways now at the age of 90 she has brought a lawsuit against her son Scott and the advisor on the grounds they violated their fiduciary responsibility.

This case is interesting from a couple of different angles but for us it is mainly in the asset allocation and whether it is appropriate. Because it is so much and because she is so elderly she should very probably have some exposure, at least 30%, to equities simply because the investment horizon goes beyond her to someone or some entity considerably younger. In fact, I would have pushed pretty hard for at least 50% equities. 

Secondly, she should have pinned down the advisor on his fee. Obviously, $2.0 million for a portfolio of cash equivalents is egregious. 

If you are interested in following developments just Google "Gloria C. Mackenzie".

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