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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Great Gift

Recently I received a call from a young man seeking my advisory services. As an advisor my satisfaction comes from helping people get on a path to a successful retirement. This means steering them clear of high priced advisors who underperform, avoiding costly Funds that overcharge, and ensuring that the size of their nest egg will be sufficient to produce the income they need in retirement.

But this young man was a different case than I usually handle. He had just gotten out of prison on drug related charges and while in prison had read "Millionaire Teacher", which he found in the prison library, by Andrew Hallam. By reading the book he had come to understand how people build wealth by saving and investing intelligently. The book inspired him to do the same and he enlisted my services to get going. Full disclosure: I, along with a couple of other advisors, are mentioned in the book.

He related to me how his parents and entire family are poor but he had attained a job and was primed to start investing on a regular basis. To say the least this was one of my most satisfying consultations.

But the bottom line here is receiving the methodology. Admittedly, there are a number of books that describe how to invest in low cost Funds, allocate assets, and rebalance as needed. "Millionaire Teacher" is one and it is a good one. It is well written and can be read in a couple of weekends.

In my opinion it is a great life changing gift, especially for the young couple ( many of whom are financially illiterate) starting out in the professional work world. But many in mid-career find it useful as well.

So, I suggest instead of showing up with the soon to be consumed bottle of wine at the holiday party or putting a DVD of "Deadpool" under the tree consider "Millionaire Teacher".  It is an excellent choice for the budding DIY investor. As this blog and many others have harped on for a long time DIY investing done intelligently can save huge amounts and  increase the size of the nest egg over longer periods of time.

For additional background check out Andrew Hallam's website.

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