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Monday, September 12, 2016

A Proposal - Summary

This proposal's purpose is to give everyone at least a framework of how to go about building a nest egg for retirement, as presented in the previous 4 posts. Like many areas we have gone 90% of the way to handling a problem but then stop just short of wrapping it up.

The 401(k) and similar qualified plans are excellent for getting people to a successful retirement. The problem is many don't know how to use it. The purpose of the proposal is to fix that. As mentioned in previous posts if you know how to invest or have a different approach then go for it. Again, a caveat, if you are hell bent on beating the market by picking stocks or active Funds or timing the market all I can say is "good luck". The odds are against you.

Begin by emphasizing the importance of starting early and putting away at least 10% of every paycheck.

So, the proposal: start with an appropriate target date/life cycle/retirement date Fund . How to do this will be presented in a 15 minute video when you take your job. Secondly, once you reach $60,000 or so in your 401(k) switch to low cost index Funds with an appropriate asset allocation. Typically this would be somewhere around 70% stocks/30% bonds. Finally, when you reach the point where you are thinking of generating an income off of your portfolio consider creating a dividend stream by using bonds Funds and Dividend Funds and even individual dividend stocks.

The first two steps require very little time. The third is a bit more time consuming.

As explained in the previous 4 posts there is no need to switch at various points. If you have no interest and just want to stick with the life cycle approach you can do that. Or you can stay with the low cost, index Funds. The only reason to switch at various times is to lower the costs a bit. It is worth noting that directly investing in the dividend stocks can potentially be the most rewarding because you have opportunities for tax loss harvesting, judicially increasing yields oner time etc.

The bottom line is that this proposal provides a way to emphasize to workers that by following some very basic steps they can end up enjoying a nice retirement.

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