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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Advice From My Father

Needs Johnson's Baby Shampoo?
My Dad's been gone a few years and I still miss him.  I often marvel at how he would have enjoyed all the craziness that has gone on in the world since he has been gone.  He would never believe the Wizards actually made the playoffs and made a very respectable showing.  He would have loved all the RG III hoopla.
Anyway, he offered me 3 pieces of advice that you don't hear every day that made a difference for me that I think are worth passing on.

First, he saw me struggling in the job world as I liked to stay up late, run around with friends, and generally party.  He told me that, to get ahead in the job world, I needed to get into a routine that centered around a good night's sleep.  It worked wonders.

Secondly, he advised me to take a year off after high school and work before heading to community college.  I was the first in my family to go to college, and it was a dream of his to see me go.  After a year of working and saving, I headed off to community college with extra incentive that comes from working full time at the bottom of the food chain and no need for a student loan.  Years later, after going through the PhD program at the University of Maryland (all except dissertation), I marveled, even in those days, at the debt loads of my graduating friends.

Thirdly, he noticed my struggle with my rat's nest hair as I entered the professional job market (this was before rat's nest hair was in style).  He suggested shampooing every day with Johnson's baby shampoo. It made a difference in my look and in my confidence.

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!

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