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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Financial Literacy Quiz

For those of you who like to take quizzes, here's a good one from Kiplinger:  QUIZ.  Short 12-question quizzes like this are fun and help you pinpoint areas where you might need to do some research. And, who knows - you might come up with something that could make a significant financial difference.

This quiz was found in an article, "Are Americans Getting Smarter with their Personal Finances?," by Kathy Kristof.  An interesting point made in the article is that the 2008 recession seemingly "scared straight" the American consumer.


  1. Some very interesting facts in that quiz! Thanks for sharing! You can file fed taxes after the deadline if you don't owe anything? I honestly didn't know that!

  2. I'm working now in network marketing. The goal is residual income.