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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Seminar Evening

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Tonight at 7 pm I give a seminar at the Miller Branch of the Howard County Maryland Library System on the 401(k) and the overall investing of assets.  I'll cover the 401(k) in the context of overall assets, the importance of overall asset allocation, and what I look for when I pick out the funds to invest in.  I'll go over  the location of investments, the importance of fees, how to tell if one's 401(k) is a good one, and what to do--including proactively approaching the fund administrator and seeking to get good funds in the plan, if it isn't.

This isn't a dinner at a fancy restaurant.  I'm not going to feed the audience and make them feel obligated that they owe me something.  I won't come at the audience like a laser intent on signing up clients.  It is educational. 

Those who feel intimidated can sit in the back and soak up information.  I understand how they feel.  I feel the same way when I meet a funeral director.

Having said all this, I have found that those who attend these seminars tend to be knowledgeable. Clearly, by signing up and attending, they are interested in furthering their financial knowledge.  Most have already read up on the subject or questioned others.  In fact, those who could benefit the most are puttering around  the library outside the library room.  It is they who will, one day in their mid-50s, wonder if they are on the right path financially to be able to retire.

This, of course, is the pool where financial advisors draw most of their clients.

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