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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Great Gift Ideas

It's getting late, so I'll cut to the chase.  Here are two great book gift ideas:

I say these books are "great" ideas because they are life changing. They teach investment savvy and frugality.  Why are these important? Simply because understanding them enables people to lead an enjoyable final third of their lives.

Those who lack the knowledge that these books provide tend to make two huge mistakes.  First, they line the pockets of high-priced investment managers and advisors or, at worse, fail to take advantage of appropriate retirement savings vehicles.  Many people have no idea what this is costing them.  Hallam's book will let them know.  Secondly, many fall victim to an economic system that thrives on getting consumers to dig themselves into a financial grave from which they never recover.  Both Hallam and Yeager spell out how to avoid this.  Both writers are story tellers, and both have terrific senses of humor.

Investment savvy, frugality, a better life - what better gifts are there?

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