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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Intro to Long Term Care Insurance

Like Pac Man gobbles up dots, long-term care can gobble up a nest egg.  It is an unpleasant subject but one that is important--not just for those heading up households but also for those anticipating the role of caregiver.  Planning for long-term care is important  from the financial aspect and also because of the stress it can impose on a family.

Here, from Jim Blankenship at Getting Your Financial Ducks in a Row, is an excellent intro entitled "Long Term Care Insurance - Protecting Your Nest Egg."


  1. And if you think long term care today is expensive... it is only going to go up! Just like for retirement, one should have plans in place for long term care.

  2. Considering long term care insurance should be a part of a sound retirement plan. Interested policy buyers should carefully examine their needs and seek the help of financial experts or agents from the best long term care insurance companies to help them better understand coverage, the costs that come with it, and the choices they have. Additionally, having a plan can help one avoid draining his financial pool once he'll need costly care services