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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Looking for a Deal? Here it is!

After you think you've seen it all....

 CLICK IMAGE TO GET A LAUGH   Groupon has some great deals, but this has to be the record!  95% discount?  I would think it would get most people to pause.  But wait --- you save $601!

More than 260 people jumped at it!

Sort of scary to me.  It proves a long-held theory of mine - in America, I don't care what you're selling, you can get someone to buy it. 

My take:  if a 95% discount on a product that purports to teach you to trade doesn't get  you to run in the opposite direction, then maybe, just maybe, you are the last person who should even be thinking about trading.


  1. I would love to talk to some of these folks who bought into this!

    1. I as well. I think a lot of people would pay big bucks for that mailing list!