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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eddie Vedder advice on the market?

For David, Kristy, Kodi, and the infamous Dusty (who likes to run the Alaska rivers with Iditarod sled dogs) in Seattle this weekend, pulling a boat with a wounded 4Runner filled with stuff from the cabin in Virgina, enroute to their cabin in Glennallen (I spelled it right this time Kristy!)Alaska. If you see Mr. Vedder say hi! This is also for all the investors out there trying to hold in with a market whipsawing all over the place.


  1. So that's your investment advice Pops? Don't back down? I dunno, if that's the case then all one should do is put on an old rock'n'roll album and read in between the lines right?

    Funny you should put Eddie Vedder on from the Gorge. We drove right by the Gorge Amphitheatre which is in the funniest named town: George Washington. Great name for a town huh? Besides we have been listening to a lot of Pearl Jam recently. Great minds think alike I suppose.

  2. I like this song a lot, probably prefer the Tom Petty. But I with you, standing firm.