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If you are seeking investment help, look at the video here on my services. If you are seeking a different approach to managing your assets, you have landed at the right spot. I am a fee-only advisor registered in the State of Maryland, charge less than half the going rate for investment management, and seek to teach individuals how to manage their own assets using low-cost indexed exchange traded funds. Please call or email me if interested in further details. My website is at If you are new to investing, take a look at the "DIY Investor Newbie" posts here by typing "newbie" in the search box above to the left. These take you through the basics of what you need to know in getting started on doing your own investing.

Investment Course

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."
Chinese Proverb


--3 day one-on-one course based on conservative investing principles as espoused by Warren Buffett, Charles Ellis, Burton Malkiel, John Bogle
Warren Buffett said: :"Most investors, both institutional and individual, will find the best way to own common stocks is through an index fund that charges minimal fees. Those following this path are sure to beat the net results (after fees and expenses) delivered by the great majority of investment professionals.

After taking this course you will know exactly what he means and it could save you thousands of dollars!

--cover basics of investing by utilizing hands on investing

--at your location

--you open and provide a tradeable account at Schwab with $15,000 before the first meeting

--student needs to be available for 3 consecutive days between hours of 9 am and 12 am or 2 pm and 4 pm

--class lasts 2 hours/day

--there will be some reading and assignments for completion in the evening

monthly follow up (if desired) at $100/hour


Who can benefit from this course?
-high school students heading for college in a business or economics field of study. This will give your student real world experience that he or she can use to relate to the principles taught in the classroom.

-anyone interested in managing their own investments. If you have your assets managed by an advisor you are paying dearly. Learn to do it yourself.

Learning the fundamentals of investing at an early age can save thousands of $s!

Questions? 443-896-4123 or