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Sunday, June 9, 2013

No More Excuses!

On 6/20, we will kick off the online book discussion of Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam.  The kickoff will be at 7 pm at the Miller Library in Ellicott City, Maryland, but YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO PARTICIPATE!  The program will be online, and we will read one chapter/week and discuss.

This program will teach you how to come up with money to invest, how to invest, the pitfalls to avoid when investing, and how to avoid the traps Wall Street sets for you!  And it does it all in a highly readable fashion with a laugh-out-loud sense of humor.

I will be facilitating the reading and thus will be available for questions, comments, and to make additional points.

HERE'S THE BOTTOM LINE - ending up not prepared for retirement and having your eyes glaze over in viewing a list of mutual fund choices is over.  Commiserating in the company lunch room over the fact that you have no clue on how the company retirement plan works is no longer an option - you'll easily be able to choose the best investments from the available choices.  In fact, you'll learn an investment approach that historically has outperformed most professional investors - Andrew Hallam presents the evidence for your consideration.

So get hold of the book (used copies available online at less than $10! or check out at your local library) and start reading.  Visit the blog at and participate.

Here are some comments on Millionaire Teacher from market experts:

  • "Andrew Hallam has distilled the timeless lessons for investing into nine easy to understand and easy to follow rules. The newbie investor will not find a better guide than Millionaire Teacher." Burton Malkiel, author A Random Walk Down Wall Street 10th edition.
  • "Put away your checkbook. Instead give this book to every young person and you will be gifting them a lifetime of financial independence and success." Robert Miles author Warren Buffett Wealth.
  • "Every once in a while I read a financial book that I think should be shared with everyone I know. Millionaire Teacher is that book!" Charles E. Kirk, The Kirk Report.

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